Get Together Foundation was founded in 2004 as a 100% volunteer-based family foundation. The organization operates on a programmatic basis by raising community awareness and charitable support through seasonal music showcases and charity drives in the greater Los Angeles and metropolitan areas, bringing together music-lovers and social do-gooders in service of worthy causes.


Get Together Foundation offers immediate assistance in the form of basic needs and self-care for the homeless people of Los Angeles through the practice of humanized giving, that ensures a trauma-informed approach across each of our service areas.


Get Together Foundation envisions a world where the inherent dignity and fundamental human rights of all peoples, including equal access to food, water, and housing, is realized through the shared values of empathy, compassion, and community-based philanthropy wherever needed.


Get Together was founded in 2004 by Kevin and Mare Wachs, owners of Earthly Body, an internationally distributed skin care company based in Chatsworth, California. Through our all- star events, we raise money for the homeless populations of Southern California- those in need in our own backyard. We work to provide the basic necessities of life—food, water, shelter—to homeless people to reduce harm and high-risk behaviors often associated with street survival. We strive to bring greater awareness about the plight of homeless people in Los Angeles to the communities in which we serve.

We do this hosting charitable pop-up events that are open to the public in locations through the city each year. We also produce a variety of music showcases to amplify our mission and generate additional contributions from our local Los Angeleno community members.

We’re financed by a percentage of the sales of Earthly Body products, and by private donations and sponsorships. We’re rare among nonprofits in that we’re run completely by volunteers, operating without any administrative salaries. Every penny we raise goes toward our causes. Through the power of music and a feeling of family, we aim to make a difference in our world.

Get together with us!